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Beth Dubber

Los Angeles Based Photographer
Member Local 600 IATSE

Beth DubberBorn in Cleveland, OH. Beth Dubber gained interest in photography in high school and continued her studies in college where she studied with photographer, Masumi Hyashi.  She took a semester abroad to Bali, Indonesia in 1996 where she did her first photo essay focusing on a small village in the Tabanan Region. 

After receiving a BA in German & BA in Studio Art from Cleveland State University, she moved to New York City where she worked as a line producer for commercials.  She took a detour to Baltimore to work on the feature film, “Ladder 49”, as a travel coordinator. After work on this project, she made her way to LA to focus on a career in the entertainment industry. Continuing her work as a travel coordinator on the set of the “Ellen DeGeneres Show”, she finally left to pursue work as a unit still photographer, which is how she earns a living today.

She spends her free time photographing the Ms. Wheelchair CA Pageant. Additionally, she is the founder of the group, “Camerawomen Los Angeles”, a group that lends educational & technical support as well as networking for the women who work in the camera department on film & TV sets.  When not working with these organizations, she is working on her personal photography.

In 2006, she began a series called, “The Photo of the Week”.  This continuing body of work is a weekly image dedicated to local events, portraits, photo essays and street scenes.

Artist’s Statement

I love to examine the human condition with my work by finding private moments in public, authenticity of interactions, places, and the tiny bits of humor that may be easily over-looked.  I hope the viewer may feel familiarity, comfort, curiosity and joy when looking at my images. I love people, events, and the way we all portray ourselves in public as well as just being human. 

I like to shoot with digital 35mm and experiment with different lenses such as the Holga lens for the digital camera & my Zeiss lenses from my Hasselblad used with an adapter. As well as my film cameras the Hasselblad & Holga.


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